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Retreats are on weekends and starts from Friday afternoon and end on Sunday afternoon. Cost Rs. 11,450

Includes: Accommodation, food, therapies and all the activities.

Fees Rs. 15,000. Includes: Course materials and tea and snacks

Accommodation: Rs. 700 per night per person sharing

Food: Rs. 500 per day ( 3 times meals)

Renowned Sowa Rigpa Therapeutic Master Doctor Tsultrim Kelsang along with Dr. Lhakpa Dolma and Dr. Tsering Tsamchoe will give weeklong Sorig Therapeutic training at Menlha Wellness Resort in Bylakuppe

Date: 21 to 27 Nov 2023

Time: 9am to 5pm

For more information, contact: or call 7676469091


Founder of Men Tsee Khang Wellness Centers

Author of (1) Sorig Therapeutic Practice &

(2) Cultivation and Conservation of Endangered Medicinal Plants


  • ༡ རྩ་རྒྱུད་ལེའུ། ༦

  • ༢ ལུས་ཀྱི་མཚད་ཉིད།

  • ༣ ནད་ཀྱི་རྒྱུ།

  • ༤ ནད་ཀྱི་རྐྱེན།

  • ༥ ནད་ཀྱི་མཚད་ཉིད།

  • ༦ འཚོ་བ་ཟས།

  • ༧ བྱ་བ་སྤྱོད་ལམ།

  • ༦ རྩ་དཀར་ལེའུ།

  • ༧ དུགས

  • ༨ ལུམས།

  • ༩ བསྐུ་མཉེ་འམ་བྱུག་པ།

Our 7 days intensive course will be based on these following subjects. Mornings we will be taking theories and afternoon will be more on practicals.

  • Introduction to Tibetan Medicine (Sowa Rigpa )

  • Root Tantra ( fundamentals of Tibetan Medicine)

  • Principals of Sowa Rigpa lifestyle

  • Principals of Diet per constitution

  • Base of Pathology

  • Channels and points

  • Basic Kun Nye Massage

  • Medicinal Bath Therapy( Chu Lum)

  • Medicinal Steam ( rLang Lum)

  • Preparation of herbs for Warm / cool compresses

  • Compress Therapy ( Dugs)