The Tibetan theme resort in the lush green full of coconut trees in between Sera Monastery and Namdroling Monastery (Golden Temple) in Bylakuppe gives a true feeling of Tibetan culture. The resort has rooms, a wellness centre, and a multi-cuisine restaurant. Rooms have a balcony, AC, a tea or coffee maker, 24 hours of hot and cold water, toiletries, and a complimentary breakfast. Shambaala multi-cuisine restaurant serves authentic Tibetan food and Asian and Indian cuisine. The resort, owned by Dr. Dolma, also has a Tibetan medical clinic and a wellness centre with various therapies like dug (compress), acupuncture, medicinal baths, herbal steam baths, Kunye massage, and so on.

Sowa Rigpa - Tibetan Medicine

Sowa Rigpa, Tibetan Medicine is one of the oldest known medical system. Elements of Indian and Chinese medical traditions are integrated with Buddhist practice in a coherent and powerful system. Recognised by the Indian government under AYUSH.

Sowa-Rigpa (Science of Healing) commonly known as Tibetan Medicine, is one of the oldest, living and well documented medical tradition of the world. It has been popularly practice in Tibet, Mongolia, Bhutan, Nepal, Himalayan regions of India, part of China & Russia and now in Europe and America.

Sowa Rigpa is a science, art and philosophy that provides a holistic approach to health care. It is a science because its principles are enumerated in a systematic and logical framework based on an understanding of the body and its relationship to the environment. It is
an art because it uses diagnostic techniques based on the creativity, insight, subtlety and compassion of the medical practitioner. And it is a philosophy because it embraces the Buddhist principles of altruism, karma & ethics.

Sowa-Rigpa uses various diagnostic techniques such as pulse reading, urinalysis and interrogation. It applies herbal medicines
and therapeutic methods to give a holistic healing and wellness.

Dr. Lhakpa Dolma

Dr. Lhakpa Dolma studied at the Tibetan Children Village School (TCV) and completed her five year degree in Tibetan Medicine from Mentseekhang Tibetan Medicine & Astrological Institute in Dharamsala, graduating with a Kachupa degree (BTMS) in 2002. In 2013 she was granted Menrampa degree (MD) from Mentseekhang.

Dr Lhakpa Dolma’s interest in Tibetan Medicine started from a very young age as her father studied Tibetan Medicine and Astrology under the close guidance of Trulku Sangye Kunga, a great Dzogchen master from Gebchag Gompa. Growing up, she watched her father healing people through spiritual practices and Tibetan Medicine with Trulku.

Dr. Lhakpa moved to South Africa in 2001 and practiced Tibetan Medicine there for five years, teaching many workshops and giving lectures and exhibitions on Tibetan Medicine before returning to India in 2006.

Since 2006 she has been practicing Tibetan Medicine in Bangalore, India at Menlha Wellness, and since the pandemic she has been giving many virtual consultations which she finds very beneficial during this stressful period. In addition to medicines, she considers a wholesome diet and healthy lifestyle of utmost importance for all.

Dr. Lhakpa has also served as resident doctor and teacher at the Valley School (KFI) in Bangalore from 2014 to 2019. Her keen interest in promoting mother child healthy living was strongly cultivated after developing close knit relationshops with young children and teachers at the school. She believes that patience, love, and gratitude for every little thing brings people closer and harmonizes our relationship with nature. She is a mother of three children.